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Every Tuesday a new episode of Seymour's Studio will cover a range of topics: stories from Seymour himself (he's got some good ones); other in-house pickup/pedal gurus covering how-to's and other educational info; even artist interviews. See you in the studio!
Episode 12: Introducing "MJ" Maricela Juarez
In today's episode Seymour introduces the Custom Shop pickup goddess MJ (Maricela Juarez). MJ has a long history with Seymour Duncan dating back to 1983. Her client list reads like the who's who of guitar gods. Billy F Gibbons, Dave Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Steve Miller, Slash, Peter Frampton, Eddie Van Halen Brad Paisley, Eric Johnson, Keith Richard, Joe Bonamassa, BB King James Taylor, Don Felder, and John Fogarty.

MJ reminisces about when she first met Seymour and why she decided to work for Seymour Duncan... to meet Peter Frampton! Don't miss hearing about the early days working with the great Billy Gibbons and the story behind Billy's "pickle jar" Pearly Gates.
Episode 10: The TeleGib and the birth of the JB.
Telecaster or Les Paul? What do you do when you can’t decide?... Well, when you're Seymour W. Duncan you infuse the best of both into one guitar, the “TeleGib”.

While doing so, you also create a legendary set of pickups, the SH-2Nn Jazz neck and SH-4 JB bridge pickup… also known as the “Hot Rodded Humbucker Set”.  This set has been popular with many players from many different genres and styles for over 40 years and still to this day remain Seymour’s personal favorite set. 

After trading the first TeleGib to Jeff Beck (that was used on the Blow by Blow record), Seymour missed it so much that he decided to build another for himself. He still has the second one he built. He recorded many songs with it and performed with it many times over the years. Watch to get the full story...

Episode 9: 805 or Forza? Which Overdrive is right for you?
In this episode of Seymour’s Studio, Kevin explains the differences between the 805 and Forza Overdrive pedals, and showcases the two stomp-boxes in a variety of classic applications – as a standalone overdrive pedal in front of a clean amp, as a clean boost, and in front of an already overdriven amplifier – to help you decide which Seymour Duncan overdrive pedal is right for you… maybe it’s both!
Episode 8: How it all began—with Cathy Duncan.
In this episode we're taking you back to the mid 70's... to the very beginning when Seymour Duncan the Company began. Cathy and Seymour talk about how it all started in their $300 trailer with no electricity, how they made up the rules as they went and some of the timeless lessons they learned.
Episode 7: Three Different Types of Woody Acoustic Pickups – Part II
In Three Different Types of Woody Acoustic Pickups Part I, Kevin introduced you to the 3 different types of Woody acoustic soundhole pickups and showed you how easy it is to install a Woody pickup. In Part 2, Kevin explains in detail the differences between the Woody Single Coil, the Woody Hum Cancelling, and the Woody XL, and also plays a sound sample of each one, to help you decide which Woody model is right for your acoustic guitar.
Episode 6: Jeff Beck and his Fender Esquire Guitar
Remember that first time you heard a guitar tone that changed the way you thought about guitar, the way you played, or just inspired you to write a great song? Seymour does! In this episode of Seymour's studio he discusses his long time friend Jeff Beck and his Fender Esquire guitar that Jeff used on the Yardbirds record "Rave up with the Yardbirds" which was a huge influence and inspiration for Seymour.
Episode 5: Welcome Brad Paisely
Brad Paisley, the award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist and entertainer dropped by the office to spend some time with Seymour and hang in the Custom Shop. It's two friends talking guitars, favorite guitar players... and the Paisley Telecaster.
Episode 4: Three Different Woody Acoustic Pickups
Woody Single Coil, Woody Hum Cancelling, or Woody XL... Which one is right for the sound you're after? In this episode Kevin breaks down the difference of the 3 different Woody pickups in the Seymour Duncan line.
Episode 3: My Friend Nokie Edwards
Long time fan of The Ventures, and long time friend of legendary guitarist Nokie Edwards, Seymour pays tribute to his friend and musical inspiration and talks about his favorite Ventures record.
Episode 2: The Best Pickups For Playing Blues
This weeks Episode of Seymour's Studio is with Kevin Harvey, one of our in-house guitar gurus. Kevin demos a Strat with Seymour Duncan California 50's set, a Tele with a Vintage Broadcaster Set, and Les Paul with a Vintage Blues Set. If you play the Blues, this episode is for you.

Fun facts about Kevin: He grew up in what he describes as a bizarre and eclectic musical upbringing playing traditional Greek music with his family throughout California, mostly as a bass player. That quickly evolved into an obsession for playing guitar where he was influenced by Wes Montgomery, Kirk Hammett, B.B. King, and Van Halen. Following his passion, he pursued studying Ethnomusicology at UCSB and after a few years of performing and freelancing as a studio guitar player he found his way to Seymour Duncan. Today his performing continues after hours recording in the studio or playing shows with his Trop Rock band LAYOVR. Opa you enjoy!

Episode 1: How Seymour Started Winding Pickups

33 and a 1/3, 45, or 78 rpm? What is the perfect speed on your record player to rewind a broken Telecaster pickup? Find out in episode 1 of Seymour’s studio. Hear the story of how a crafty high school student in the early 60’s began an amazing legacy helping to shape the tone of electric guitar for decades to come.

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