Compact, Reliable, Portable, Clean Amplification for your Pedals and Effects!

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* The PowerStage 170 will give you reliable, musical power on every gig, eliminating the uncertainty that backline amps can bring. Simply bring your guitar and your pedalboard and get your tone through whatever cab is provided.

* The 170’s intuitive 3-band analog EQ allows for quickly fine-tuning your sound for any cabinet and any venue— no need to wrestle with the cumbersome and ineffective EQs on digital gear or modify your stompbox settings.

You can even adjust the big Master Volume knob with your foot, boosting solos and controlling dynamics in real time.

And when you bypass your overdrive and distortion boxes, it will function as your clean channel, with the sweet, warm sound that we associate with great amps.

Setting up the PowerStage 170 is effortless. Simply plug your pedals, effects processor, or modeler into the “input” of your PowerStage 170, and plug the PowerStage 170 into your favorite cabinet.

The PowerStage is fully equipped with internal impedance adjustment and is compatible with any cabinet – 4 ohms to 16 ohms, 1x12 to 4x12 and anything in between.

Imagine the freedom of showing up at a gig with a streamlined, lightweight rig that you can get up and running in under five minutes, with the confidence that comes from knowing that you will have your sound, no matter what.

Forget about cartage, forget about complicated setups, forget about backline issues and think about the PowerStage 170.

Designed in California. Made in the U.S.A.